Thursday, January 18, 2007

Snow Again!!

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Well -- again last night it snowed - here is a picture of the snow on our hedge this morning. I worked a night shift last night and watched the snow fall all night. I am so ready for winter to be finished!!

Jim gets to go for surgery tomorrow morning - I just finished shaving half of his chest - I have a couple of pictures but I don't know if they are really good blogging material, quite funny to see though. There was a cancellation for tomorrow so they put him in the spot. I'm glad he gets in tomorrow instead of the end of January.

Tomorrow after I take him for the surgery I can still go off to my Friday quilt group as he will be in surgery for a few hours. Right now we are working on a quilt for the Variety Show of Heart in BC. It is going to be given to a young baby named Jonah that had to go for heart surgery. I will take some pictures tomorrow to post. It is a really cute little quilt with whales and sailboats and his name across the top.


  1. The snow is pretty to look at. You've got a great view!
    I wish Jim all the best on his surgery. So nice that you can quilt to keep yourself busyr rather then fretting and worrying.

  2. Sending lots of positive healing thoughts your way for Jim as he goes through surgery. I'm glad you have something to keep your mind occupied while the surgery is going on.

    I slipped on ice in our parking lot again today! I love snow, but I'm so happy the ice is now going away. I think the next time we get snow and ice I'll figure out a way to stay home from work.

  3. The snow is pretty, but I'm not crazy about it, either. Nice picture, though!

    Glad to hear about the surgery being moved up!

  4. OMG - you're sure having a rough ride with the weather aren't you? We're back to seasonal on this side of the country, just a little snow and ice - nowhere near what you have experienced.

    How's Jim doing? I hope that he's resting comfortably and listening to those who are taking care of him.

  5. hope all went well with Jim's surgery.

    Thanks for sharing the photo of the snow. It's lovely.

  6. Good luck to hubby. My best friend lives in Victoria and the snow has made her wonky! She is grateful now for the rain.