Thursday, January 04, 2007

I love to make bags

I started making these little bags about 1 year ago. They are so quick and easy and I can make one bag with 2 fat quarters. I was looking for a some Christmas gifts ideas last Christmas. They can be quite addictive - and I have a ton of fat quarters that need a home.

They have a little inside pocket and just a ribbon to tie them shut - so very easy and quick to make.

I have given quite a few away now. We have another person on the ward that I work that has breast cancer - it is so terrible. Last year and now again this year. I gave Judith a bag to take with her to the hospital for when she had surgery - but in the end she never had surgery. She is doing okay but the cancer has gone into her spine so they are treating her with medication only. Now Angela will be going for surgery January 26th. She has a daughter who is about 5 years old. She will then be going for 3 weeks of daily radiation therapy. Such a terrible, terrible thing. I will give her a little bag as well to take to the hospital. I sure hope this doesn't become a habit with these bags - otherwise I think I will stop making them.
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  1. They are cute Pam. Sad to hear about your colleagues - hope this is the last.

  2. Pam, those are such pretty bags and what a good idea to share them with your friends. Sorry to hear that cancer is touching lives so close to you.

  3. What adorable little bags, and useful for all kinds of things! Prayers to your friends and coworkers.

  4. This bag is absolutely darling! I wonder if you used a pattern or made it up yourself. What lovely gifts they make!

  5. The bag is really cute and it's really sweet to share them. Great gifts.