Friday, March 10, 2006

Posted by Picasa It is rare to get snow out here so it is always a bit of a shock to look outside first thing in the morning and see this much snow. We were house bound for the first part of the morning but the weather has warmed up and the snow is pretty much gone now -- by early afternoon.

Jim has had to go off and pick up Andrew to take his car in to get repaired. Some brace/Strut thing under the car has broken and is dragging on the ground. Andrew was unable to get up to the ski hill to work this morning because of the snow - even his girlfriends mother's SVU couldn't make the hill. I was hoping to work on the table runner for Jessica's wedding - it is quite cute - and bought some Wonder Under last week to use on the little red hearts in the centre and the stuff is not working - at all! Very disappointing so I will have to take it back and maybe I will try the Steam a Seam stuff instead. I have three hearts on already (total of 5) but I ran out of old Wonder Under. I will just work on the big sampler I guess. I am still waiting for the Dear Jane book. I am looking forward to starting that!

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