Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Table runner with fish centerpiece Posted by Picasa

This blogger does the most interesting things with pictures. It puts them in whatever order it feels. And then with some editing it completely rearranges them.

This is the new table runner with Andrew fish - which has been living in the pitcher on the table since September 25. At my nephews wedding - which was a lovely wedding on a boat, the centerpieces for the table were Siamese fighting fish in small vases. At the end of the night they announced that people were to take their fish home. Andrew wanted the fish - to give to Anri - he said. Anri was not at the wedding. As it turned out Anri did not want the fish and as always with the pets the kids have brought home over the years -- Louis the Gerbil, Yohimbay the White Rat, Zoe and Uno the Cockatiels - they became the our responsibility and we now have a fish on the dining room table. I took it out of the very small vase it was in and put it in my Margarita pitcher. I think it likes to hide behind the painted flowers. It seems very happy and builds itself these little bubble nests all the time. And I change it's water every Sunday. And frankly I am surprised it is still alive!

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  1. It is a lovely table runner, I love the fabric too! And I love the story of the fish. What a neat idea to put it in the pitcher and use it as a centerpiece!