Saturday, February 25, 2006

Andrew, Eric and Anri came out tonight for a birthday dinner for Andrew. It has been awhile (Christmas) since they have both been out so I took a bunch of pictures. My sister Sharon is turning 40 today - Andrew was 20 yesterday. Eric is exactly 20 years less 1 day younger than my sister Sandra as well ( makes remembering their birthdays much easier) Eric turned 25 in January. Andrew is 8 years younger than Jessica and 5 years younger than Eric - he was alway more of an only child because he was so much younger. It is hard to have your youngest turn 20. I guess it happens to everyone. He was such a cute little boy - he was the kind of kid you could take with you where ever you went and he was always happy, well behaved and loved to talk to anyone. He seems to enjoy the company of adults much more than kids his own age. He was an "old soul" many people used to say when he was young. We used to spend alot of time together. I would take him to lunch with me and my friends often. It was a real struggle for him to finish High School - he hated going to school, he had a very hard time fitting in with what was expected of him. He really wanted to graduate and even when everyone said he couldn't do it - he insisted on staying in school and it took him an extra year but in the end he did graduate. Now when I look back on it I realize he is someone that should have been homeschooled - he would have done wonderful with that. He is very independent and a little impatient and intolerant, but all in all a good kid!

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