Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another workshop project waiting to be finished

I took this workshop a few years ago from Lorraine Torrence a quilt teacher from the Seattle area. I was at our guild meeting on Thursday night and I saw that Lorraine is coming back to teach some more workshops and give a lecture next month. I have not finished this quilt ( it is about 24" by 18"). My hold up is that I need to make a bunch of bias tape to cover the raw edges that are just basted together at this point. I don't like cutting up a bunch of fabric on the diagonal - seems like such a waste. I would really like to finish it though. I am also unsure of what colours of bias to finish it with as well. Maybe I should take a class from Lorraine again just to get advice on how to finish up this wall hanging.
The big green wave at the bottom is green velvet and the ribbon has gold fabric in it. I call it "River of Dreams"

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