Friday, February 10, 2006

Lennard Island Lighthouse

Here is another Lighthouse. This is a wall hanging I made for the house we vacationed in at Chesterman's Beach every spring break since 1996. It is from a Piecemakers calender - I think 1994. The house was sold last year and the owners of the house gave the wall hanging back to us and it now hangs downstairs next to the fireplace - in the "Hook and Twine Pub"

I called it the Lennard Island Lighthouse after the lighthouse at Lennard Island, just off Chesterman's beach. We heard the fog horn often during the March break. We went there every year at spring break for 9 years, as well as a few May, and November trips. It was a wonderful house to visit. One day I will add a few Tofino pictures.

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  1. Pam thanks for your advice, I will definitely give it a try. Thank you once again.