Friday, February 03, 2006

Two birds in a Jade tree

Here is a picture of Zoe and Abby on the Jade plant. We had to take the photo quickly as they started putting their beaks through the leaves. No harm done to the birds but a bunch of little holes in the leaves!!

I have been working this week and so I haven't had time to post. When I work those long 12 hour shifts there is not much leftover time. Just sleep and work.

We had quite the rain and windstorm on Tuesday and the power was off from around 5 pm Tuesday until 4 am Weds. morning. It was down to 14 degrees by 4 am in the house. The fire was on downstairs and Zoe and Abby were sleeping in the cage downstairs to keep them warm overnight. The weather report is for another storm this afternoon. The month of January we had 29/31 days of rain. The most rain days since 1937! Good weather to stay inside and quilt.

I am busy trying to finish quilting the sampler quilt I started in 1993. I am almost finished the middle border - so one more border and the binding and maybe I can put it in the guild's quilt show in September. One day I will post a picture of the quilt. I am still trying to decide what to name it. A few years ago we thought of naming it "Ten Years After" but now that it is going on 13 years in the making --- I wonder if it will ever get done??

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  1. Hi Pam. Found your blog through your post on mine. I'm enjoying reading your entries and seeing your pictures - quilty and otherwise. I just had to reply to this post - you'll see why.

    I had a smallish but very healthy jade plant inside when my daughter was a baby. As she grew I got rid of any plants that were poisonous, but that one is not so I didn't worry about it. One day when she was about two - she was a late walker - I found some teeth marks on a leaf. Didn't think anything out it. Then more teeth marks appeared. I could never catch her at it. She never ate anything - apparently just liked the texture of the leaves and how they felt when she put her teeth into them. I moved the plant to the center of the table and it was fine there for several months. I moved it back one day and immediately started finding teeth marks in it. Poor thing eventually died from the mistreatment, and I never did catch her in the act! I checked several times with the poison center, and they kept reassuring me it wouldn't hurt her.

    To this day I've never had another jade plant that stayed healthy - and she's going to be 32 this June!