Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Windy and Stormy Night

Another Storm has come through. We managed quite well through this one - no power outages and only a few branches down. The sun is out today and Jim is out there gathering up the big branches that have fallen down. (I can hear the chainsaw going now)

I spent most of yesterday hand quilting the sampler quilt. the middle border is almost finished and then on to the final border. I have picked the quilting pattern for the final border - very simple hearts with a tulip in the centre of each heart. I think I will quilt my way through the Superbowl this afternoon.

I have never watched the Superbowl before but with Seattle in the running we really should watch. We watched the last Seattle game a couple of weeks ago and it was quite fun to watch. We can watch the Superbowl on the cable channel out of Detroit and then we get to see all the American commercials, much better than the Canadian commercials. Go Seattle Go!!!

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