Monday, February 27, 2006

Fat Quarters

I am a big collector of Fat Quarters. I just love when they come in packages all coordinated and wrapped up with a ribbon. I belonged to a fat quarter club for about 4 years and many of my fat quarters are still in the packages. I have 48 packages (some opened and used) at $40.00 per package = $1920.00. This past fall and winter I have begun to use them. This is a pattern I found on the internet that uses 5 Fat Quarters. I made it for my mother for Christmas. I also have been making Christmas Stockings with the Christmas fat quarters. Some of the fat quarters are fabrics that I wouldn't have bought and I wasn't sure what I would to do with them. Then I had an idea from my looking around blogland. A Dear Jane Quilt. I have a bunch of fat quarters that are just the kind of fabric that I would want to put in a Dear Jane Quilt. I have always wanted to do one, and I have 2 meters of muslin that would work with the quilt. So I ordered the book and CD off the Dear Jane website yesterday. I also ordered 2 packages of freezer paper for the computer printer. Hopefully the order comes without any problems. I had to email them after I placed my order because for some reason the shipping address said ALBANIA instead of Canada. Someone (Brenda) emailed me back quite quickly and assured me that Albania is a frequent error and they always check the "real" country. My husband felt I should really be finishing some of my other quilts (the blue and yellow one, the Dresdan Plate one, the Mariner's Compass) before I began another project. I assured him that I could do it all!!! I am so excited. But I really must finish my sampler quilt first. I am down to quilting the last side of the last border.

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