Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Portland Purchases

These 4 books are from Powell's book store in downtown Portland. A wonderful store about 1 full city block and full of rooms and room of books. The rooms are named different colours - Gold Room, the Blue Room etc. The store sells new and used books. I got all 4 books for $42.00

This is the fabric I bought at Joesphines Dry Goods in Downtown Portland. The small blue print is a Liberty of London fabric. It was regularly $22.00 a yard and with the sale and the end of the roll deal I got 1 and 1/2 yards for $17.00. I just loved the little Chinese kitty print - I have no idea what I am going to do with it!

This fish batik print is from the Fabric Depot. I took the Rapid transit train out to the Fabric Depot on a very windy and rainy afternoon. Turned the umbrella inside/out.

This is the rest of the fabric from the Fabric Depot. I spent a bunch of money there, the entire store was 30% off. Who could resist! The bundled fat quarters are Laura Burch fabric prints - $9.49 less 30% per bundle of four. In Canada each fat quarter would cost $4.00-$4.50. plus PST and GST -- 15%. I bought quite a few notions as well at the Fabric Depot because of the savings. Marking pens, Paper piecing paper, scissors etc. Now I just need to do something with all this fabric!

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