Saturday, October 07, 2006

Dear Jane block completed

This is the Dear Jane block I half way finished at my TGIF Group. I finished it last night while watching the last 4 episodes of Season 2 of "24". It is amazing really to think that I worked on this block for about 5 hours or more from start to finish - goodness - I can't imagine that I will ever complete this quilt, but I really hope I do because I really want it!!

These are all the blocks I have to date -- 13 blocks. I am not doing them in any particular order, just printing out a bunch of block on the printer from the Dear Jane CD and then doing them in no particular order. I see the potential of doing a block twice if I'm not careful. Someone from the Dear Jane digest sent me a Dear Jane spread sheet so I am keeping track of the blocks that I have done.

These are the next four blocks that are waiting to be done.

I have my sewing machine back --- yay, big happy dance!! And it is working really nicely, much better than before I sent it in -- well worth the $90.43. I finished Jessica's Christmas stocking and now I am planning to make a few more before December 1st. We are going off to Calgary on December 1st for 3 nights. It is my parents 50th wedding anniversary and Jim's 50th birthday - so a bit of a celebration will be happening in Calgary at the Sheraton Au Claire. We are also going to take the Christmas gifts down at this time - so I need that is why I need them ready before then.

We are having a ham for Thanksgiving Dinner tonight and the only kid who is coming tonight is Andrew. His girlfriend Anri is working tonight and Eric is off somewhere. I bought Andrew a razor for Thanksgiving - so I am hoping he will shave!! If he does I will post a before and after picture. He is starting to look like a mountain man. He says the guys at work call him Moses. Well off to mash the potatoes. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Posted by Picasa


  1. Hi, congratulations on finishing another DJ block. I admire people who start to work on that quilt so much. I don't dare to start it.

  2. Congratulations on getting your machine home again. You can feel whole again now. Love the Dear Jane. You have some lovely blocks.

  3. The Dear Jane blocks look great. I would never finish this quilt, but lots of my friends have, and it will be fun to watch another one get through it. =)