Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Laundry room

I am always slow to jump on any bandwagon, but I thought I would post some laundry room pictures. My laundry room is a very interesting room. It is used for many different things besides laundry. It is quite a large room (bigger than my sewing room - but we won't go there again). I use the top of the deep freezer for basting small quilts - nice height for that. My husband brews beer for a hobby so he uses the laundry room as his brewery. As you can see the various buckets and the pop keg beside the freezer.

My laundry room also has this strange window, that opens with little slats of glass that open between the laundry room and my quilting room. So I can see into the laundry room, from my quilting room.

And I can see into my quilting room from the laundry room.

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It is the strangest place to have a window, but this is how it was when we bought the house. Both of these rooms are in the basement of the house and down at the north side of the house where the garden outside is mostly big cedar trees.

My sewing room is quite small with no outside light coming in so having the window is actually quite nice. If I didn't have the window I would probably feel quite closed in when I was sewing. I usually turn the light on in the laundry room when I am sewing.


  1. These windows (louvres) are very common here. Used a lot in hot places to let the breeze in. I don't know anyone with a cellar, so it is a bit weird to see them down there.

  2. Nice laundry room. Thought you had three machines for a bit then noticed it was a mirror.......

    Nice snug spot for quilting.

    No pictures of my "Black Hole in Space" aka Laundry room

  3. Thank you for sharing your laundry/sewing room with us. It's fun getting a glimpse into other peoples lives!