Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dutch Chintz

I have been coveting this Den Haan & Wagenmakers Dutch Chintz since I saw it at the APNQ show in Seattle. If I was smart I would have purchased it there - but I had already spent a bunch and I was worried about my limit at the border. So today I ordered it online - from the merchant that had the booth at the quilt show, Reproduction Fabrics .

The store is located in Montana - which is certainly closer for shipping than Holland. I ordered a sampler pack of the Dutch Chintz, it is quite expensive to order yardage - $30.00 a yard or so. I also ordered some Civil War fat quarters and a sample of some other chintz fabric. I don't often order fabric online, but I really, really wanted this fabric. I have no idea at this point what I am going to do with it -- the sign of a true quilter!!!

Andrew has survived his wisdom tooth ordeal -- but just barely. All four teeth were impacted and part of his jaw bone came out with one tooth. So he is still quite swollen on his left side and hasn't eaten any firm food yet. He is getting tired of smoothies and soup - which has been quite hard on him because he has a milk allergy. As he has grown older he can tolerate the milk products fairly well but he has found this past 5 days that most soft food has some sort of milk product - ice cream, yougurt, cream soup etc. and he is getting quite congested. I think he would just love a great big juicey steak, but he just can't open his mouth wide enough. Hopefully he can eat something more substantial soon -- he's getting a bit cranky!


  1. I did succumb to the chintz in Seattle and bought three of the fat quarter packages. I've already used a bit of most of the pieces in my pre 1830's medallion quilt - it really looks great with the other fabrics. You will love using this!

  2. The fabrics are beautiful. I will have to check the online shop. I love reproductions of the 1800s.

    Yesterday, visiting my son and his friends, they were all talking about having their wisdom teeth out. Of the 5, none of them still had these. I don't remember it being that prevalent when I was younger, but my son had his out when he was 16. Your son's ordeal sounds awful! I hope it heals soon. No soups? That kept Regan alive for a week or so!

  3. Oh my goodness, that fabric is GORGEOUS!!! I hate to do it, but I guess I'll just have to pop over to the online store and check it out. :D

  4. I can certainly see why you had to have that chintz1 It will be wonderful to see how you use it.

  5. It probably doesn't matter what you make - just fondle!!!!

  6. Yes I want some of that too - it is rather expensive though isn't it? Maybe I'll buy it for myself for Christmas...

  7. I too have been coveting a certain chintz from this same Dutch company. Reproduction Fabrics does not have it, but I just today found it at a quilt shop in Texas. I wanted 6 yards as a present for myself, for my birthday next week, to make a new 18thc. outfit. Alas, it is $39.95 per yard! (Cheaper than ordering from overseas but oh, so pricey for me...)
    I am trying desperately to figure out how to earn some fast cash and order it!
    ~So glad you got your dream fabric!