Sunday, October 08, 2006

A site to behold

It seems sometimes as soon as boys are old enough to shave -- they don't. Andrew had become more and more wooly and hairy everytime we saw him lately. I don't think he has shaved since Jessica's wedding in June. The guys at work were starting to call him "Scarey Moses" he told me. I bet he was also starting to frighten young children. So for Thanksgiving I bought him a new razor and a extra package of blades.

Here is Andrew before dinner on Saturday night. Before the close encounter with the razor.

First the sissors are electric clippers were required before he could even start with the razor.

Look at that smile! Nice clean shaven and he even pulled back the hair -- that will be the next for a bit of a trim!

I know it is not a very quilty post but I just had to document the shaving of the "mountain man". Jim and Andrew are now on their way to " The Who" concert. Apparently this is their first world tour in 20 years. So last night after dinner we played some old "The Who" music - just to get everybody in the mood. Now I wish I was going. Jim bought the tickets in July when I was in Calgary - I think on a bit of a whim. I think they were about $120.00 each, so only two were purchased and Andrew is a big fan.

I did finish one more Dear Jane block today and I basically did very little else for some reason today. There is a hockey game on tonight so I can maybe get another block started at least. Posted by Picasa


  1. That really is a good shaving result. My husband tends to do that during a vacation. This summer neighbours commented about his razor not working LOL

  2. Yes a nice short haircut and he will be HOT!

  3. Yes.........Better without the beard. Lem grew a beard.. I do not like it. I am hoping that when we move to NC it will be too hot for one and he will shave it off.

  4. Yeah, it was a shame to have that handsome face all covered up with hair!

  5. yes... much better without the beard. Such a cutie. My husband wants to to try and grow a beard every time he is off work - I hate it.

  6. My son is like that, and he's considerably older! We were in an Italian restaurant one night and heard a little boy tell his dad that he didn't know Jesus liked Italian food. He was talking about my son!