Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sewing machine in for service

I took my sewing machine in to be serviced today because the thing that you turn to stop the needle from going up and down when you wind the bobbin is not working. It started to have some really interesting bobbin winding issues at the retreat last weekend. The sewing machine shop said it would take a week, ONE WEEK - can you imagine - what will I do for a week. I didn't even ask how much it was going to cost -- after I left I thought I should have at least got some sort of an estimate. I have a feeling this could be very expensive.

I guess I have Jim's mum's old Spartan I can putter away on the blue and yellow half square triangles - I made a whole bunch more at my weekend retreat.

Tonight I am working on my Dresdan Plate squares. I have 16 plates sewn on the background fabric now.
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Won't be watching "24" tonight. Jim has gone away for three days to meetings and workshops so I am home alone. I stopped off at the Lonsdale Quay this afternoon after I dropped off my sewing machine. There is a little shop there that is called "The Pepper Pot" it sells all kinds of hot spicy sauces and condiment etc. Andrew used to say when he looked in the fridge -- "we are a house with a fridge full of condiments - no food, just condiments". So I bought a few condiments at the Pepper Pot. I bought some Solomon Gundy . It is a herring fish paste that Hans the chef had blogged about and I saw it and I thought I would buy some. When I put it on the counter to pay for it the guy serving me said Solomon Gundy was the best thing he had ever had in his life and I would love it. He was really enthusiastic about it. Amazing. So I had some on crackers for supper (no one home but me, remember) It was very good. I also bought myself a small pecan tart for later!!

Then a whole ship full of Asian sailors came into the Quay - hundreds of these young boys dressed up in blue and white sailor suits - a real site to see. I wish I had my camera.

I have signed up for a blog ring today. I have never done that but I thought I would like to try it out and meet some new bloggers. There is a small link in my sidebar.

So with the evening all to myself I am actually going to work on cutting out a bunch of Dear Jane blocks, sewing my dresdan plates and watching "Boston Legal" tonight. I am working the next two days - so that kind of puts a crimp in any wild - mouse will play plans!!! Ahhh - too old and tired anyway.


  1. Beautiful dresden plates you are doing. I am too making dresden plates (one of my ufo's) It is a miniature quilt. Lacking just the border. Perhaps I should find it now and sew a bit on it.
    I have also joined Quilting 4 Pleasure just a few days ago.

  2. Hi Pam, welcome to the ring! I read all your previous posts..love all the quilty projects you are doing and some pictures of where you live. I would love to live by water, so thanks for sharing. I'm also doing a Dear Jane--although it gets pushed to the back burner a lot. I'm doing them row by row, as they come. I try to prep one row at a time, because that's the worst part of the whole thing!

  3. Hi Pam, my machine needs a service too, but I dread the expense, and the effort required getting it done. I probably should do it at the moment while I am on a roll with the handsewing.

  4. Your Dresden Plate blocks are beautiful! That's on my "some day" list! :) Can't wait to see it when you've finished it. And your pecan tart sounds yummy!! :)