Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Four More Dear Jane blocks

I know I should be working on those darn Christmas stockings!

I finished four more Dear Jane blocks this weekend while we started Season 3 of "24". This season is not quite as good as Season 1 and 2. I was at the video store yesterday for the first time in a very long time and there is an entire wall of TV show just waiting to be watched. I see a few TV series that I would like to watch. Season One of Boston Legal, Arrested Development, Six Feet Under (I would like to buy that one) -- so I have lots of shows I can watch as I stitch the Dear Jane blocks. I think I need to start thinking about a name for this quilt. At the rate I am going it may actually be completed in this decade!!

The particular block was a real pain in the neck to sew together. Sure it looks all innocent - like it would be easy --- but it was really difficult. I bet this block took me 4 episodes alone to sew together. The curved seams and the little funny shaped centre piece. Boy am I glad this one is finished. And in true "Pam" style - about half way through sewing it together I thought I should check the "hints and tips" on my Dear Jane program. I of course discovered a number of hints and tips that would make it go together easier. The tip -- clip the inside seam, helped alot, but by then I only had a couple of inside seams left to sew. And they suggested to add a larger outside seam allowance and then trim down to size. Which I had not done - but fortunately the block finished off 5 inches.

As you can see we have a bit of a mis-match up in the right corner. But --- finished is better than perfect. I think every block I have done has a bit of a mis-match somewhere. So once it is all together it will be hardly noticeable. I hope.

I thought I would post a fall picture - from the west coast of Canada, since I have been seen alot of beautiful East Coast fall pictures. There are only a few deciduous trees on the west coast. We have some Broad Leaf Maple and Cherry and Arbutus trees around where we live. These trees are mainly the Broad Leaf Maple. Vancouver Island has alot of old Garry Oak trees. We don't have any around where we live.

So this is my fall picture from my bedroom.

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  1. Anonymous11:23 am

    The fall photo from your bedroom window is beautiful! My father-in-law has not had a quilting influence upon his son. ;) Which is fine w/ me...his support and love for my quilts is enough for me. Thanks for the info. on your Dresden Plate.

  2. What a beautiful to see each morning.

    Great DJ blocks........ Are you really supposed to finish the quilt? I thought we were just supposed to buy stuff and talk about it............

  3. WOW your view is excellent :) Love it! xoxo melzie