Friday, October 06, 2006

Spring flowers

Here is a picture of some lovely spring Daffodils - for all the quilters in Australia that are just starting the spring season as we in North America start Autumn (or Rainy Season if you live in Vancouver). I always like to include a picture with my posts. These are Daffodils from my garden last spring.

I went off to my Thank Goodness it's Friday Group this morning. I got very little quilting accomplished. About 3/4 of one Dear Jane block. So I won't take a picture of the block until it is finished. I had a nice day visiting though - so that's the most important. I never work on a friday so it will be a regular group for me and maybe I can get more done next time.

And the sewing machine store phoned and my machine is ready for pick up -- that didn't take a week at all ---- and it's only $93.00. I thought it would be much more than that. So I can finish my September Hour a day quilt -- I like the leaf pattern for the October quilt but I don't think I will make it right now - maybe save it for another month.

It is Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend and we haven't really planned any sort of Turkey dinner. Andrew and Jim are going off to "The Who" concert on Sunday night and I am working on Monday. They have both been pretty excited to see "The Who" since they got their tickets in July. Boy - I wonder what Roger Daltrey looks like now -- besides old. So I will be alone on Sunday - no turkey for me! But I will have my sewing machine back by then! Posted by Picasa


  1. Hi Pam, Welcome to the Ring. I am new to this too.

    You mentioned that you took your sewing machine in for repairs. Was it the Singer? What is the model number on your machine. I would be interested to know its birthday and exactly which one it is. You can find all this kind of thing on their site. I also need to tell you that on those vintage machines, you can do most repairs yourself. Very important to keep them oiled. My DSIL is doing maintenance on them and is teaching me how. Lots of info on the net.

    You can get a sometimes you can get a good price on a Featherweight on Ebay.

    Email me and we will chat.

  2. I'm amazed to hear that "The Who" still tour! Thanks for the daffodil photo - I can't really get them to flower here. Sometimes if you 'winter' the bulbs in the vege crisper they might flower. Not cold enough.
    Good to hear that your machine is ok. You can have a little sewing party to 'give thanks' that it didn't cost too much!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Pam! And I'm with Jenni, I'm surprised "The Who" are still touring! LOL