Sunday, October 22, 2006

Oh no - Look what we bought!

Well you know when you go out to the store for one thing and then come back with something completely different. I talked my husband into going with me to Fabricana today - I told him there were a few furniture stores in the area he could browse through. He was going to go off to a tool store and come back in an hour. I guess he went off to a furniture store as well and guess what -- I didn't get much at Fabricana but we bought a new leather sofa.

And a matching chair and ottoman!!!

I took these pictures of the chair and sofa with my camera phone. We won't get delivery until the end of November. Hmmm - I guess this is Merry Christmas.

We have been looking for a leather set for a number of years now - so this wasn't completely impulsive, but not expected that's for sure. It certainly was an interesting day out shopping.

And the weather - goodness here it is the end of October almost and both of us had just T-shirts - no coats or even sweaters were needed. I'm kind of liking this global warming right now. Posted by Picasa


  1. I love your new couch and chair! Hope you enjoyed Fabricana. Whenever I am near Coquitlam, I make sure that I make a detour to the Fabricana store there.

  2. If you are liking that weather, it's time to retire to the southwest. =)